Paul Czerlitzki

More about the artist 

We discovered Paul Czerlitzki?s work in Brussels during Art Brussels 2012 : Suzanne Friedli et Elisabeth Gerber, from annex14 galerie, showed some of his paintings.
Paul Czerlitzki lives and studies in Dusseldorf, where he is Katharina Grosse?s student.
Paul Czerlitzki takes part in a research also led by painters of his generation, such as Lydia Gifford in England and Jonathan Binet in France. They share the same interest for «poor» materials, plain colors, simple shapes. And although their works are but affirmations, clear intentions, desires, they are so by refusing any demonstration of overly displayed knowledge. Their works assert a way of painting clear of the drosses of ostentatious virtuosity, without an imperious severity or sternness, and more by erasing than by covering up or correcting anything.
These painters share the same taste for seduction and the same refusal of decoration ; their works are alluring, but also commit us to share a stylistic and pictorial simplicity verging on bareness.
We will be presenting mural paintings and a series of canvases which deals with the questions of the unique and the repetitive.