Monoform DADA

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DADA FÉTICHE: a collection of multiples

In 1921, Marcel Duchamp wrote from New York a letter (attached) to put forward a proposal to his friend Tristan Tzara : the idea of an edition called « Dada Fétiche ».
The Duchamp?s idea is to punch the 4 letters DADA in metal and to recommend to wearing this insignia like a bracelet, pendant, necklace, etc.
This insignia is not only a way to became a Dada for the purchaser but also it protect him against certain illnesses and against many of life?s problem : « Do you have a toothache ? Ask to you dentist, if he?s Dada »., « Are you out of arguments ? Dada is the best answer to all questions ». So the insignia must be presented ? and it has to work ? like a fetish.
GDM?s project is to ask to a series of artists to « answer » to the Duchamp?s proposition interpreting and realizing a « Dada Fétiche ».

Monoform DADA is the answer of Gerold Miller to the letter of Marcel Duchamp.